A.O.P. Côtes de Duras 'L'Effrontée 2016

A.O.P. Côtes de Duras 'L'Effrontée 2016

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Ambitious bet for Delphine and Gilles Vazeux to become winemakers, when in 2002, they decide to settle at the Domaine de la Belle. As a researcher, Doctor in biology, Gilles, innovative and intuitive, has taken advantage of his vineyard both in the reasoned culture of the vine, as in winemaking; it is with sincerity and following their ethics that they adapted their production to their terroir and looked for the best blends of their grape varieties. Successful bidding to produce the wine they wanted, consistent in quality and taste, true to their aspirations. An original wine, like the winemakers, which takes its identity from the balance between fruit and freshness on the one hand and roundness and power on the other.

The Domaine de La Belle is a small vineyard that is part of the Côtes de Duras appellation area, bordering Bordeaux and Bergerac. The region is made up of gently sloping hills, on which vineyards have settled, fleeing the cold and excessive humidity of the valleys. A hundred kilometers from the Atlantic, the still oceanic climate, allows the vines to grow in a soft atmosphere, with sufficient sunshine in summer and autumn. On a land difficult to conquer, the basement of marine or fluvial origin is marly, argilo-limestone (it favors red grape varieties), molassic or boulbènes (for white grape varieties).

23 Items

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South West
Cabernet franc, Malbec, Merlot
Food pairing
aperitif, dessert, fish in sauce, grilled fish, white meat, red meats, poultry
Wine estate
Domaine de La Belle
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