The BioWein-Experte® team specializes in natural and biodynamic wines and selects the best wines for you. All our selections are the result of long research throughout France and its domains.

We guarantee wines from biodynamic agriculture with little or no sulfur. Each bottle is tasted and analyzed by our expert for organic and natural wine.

All of his work will be returned to you in the official BioWein-Experte technical documentation, which he will prepare for you to give you the maximum pleasure in tasting.

It shows the sensory panel that you will feel, and it highlights the men and women who work daily in their vineyards.

All of our winemakers are sincere, straightforward, in love with their work, to give you wines that are respectful of nature, our planet and your health.

BioWein-Experte® is the culmination of a passion for wine and gastronomy that seeks to discover so many amazing wines without sacrificing quality.