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Every wine lover knows that wines in open bottles lose their quality after only a few hours.
This is caused by the action of oxygen (oxidation), a process that causes the wines to tip over.
The solution is the vacuum closure! With it you extract the air from the opened bottle and thus create a preservative vacuum.
Simply place the vacuum cap in the bottle opening and remove the air from the wine bottle by a few pumping movements.
Conserved in this simple and ingenious way, the service life of your wines is considerably extended (up to six days).
The tapered rubber ring fits any bottle.
Also ideal as a gift. Length 8 cm.


A wine thermometer is the must-have for every wine lover so that their wine always has the right drinking temperature. 

The wine temperature is determined by the heat of the wine bottle around which this cuff is placed and shown on the display. 

A great gift for everyone who like to drink wine. 

Mass: suitable for the most common 0.75 liter normal wine bottles 

Material: stainless steel


This wine spout offers 2 functions in one: Includes practical closure it is a must for connoisseurs of the noble drink.
So you pour the wine particularly gently and neatly into the prepared glasses. Afterwards the bottle can be easily closed with the cap and the
Wein stays edible longer. Treat yourself to the perfect handling of this helper. This wine spout is a must have especially at festive dinners!